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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 7th International Conference on Cosmetology, Trichology & Aesthetic Practices Osaka, Japan.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Huang Chichen

Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, Taiwan

Keynote: Female curved shape using Vaser liposculpture

Time : 09:30 - 10:15

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Huang, chichen has his expertise in design, practice and passion in improving the shape and curvature of female body. His concept of design based on the human anatomy and thorough understanding of VASER equipment and technique. He is also the expert of breast augmentation, by combining these two technique the result is promising. He has built a rational approach from non-invasive fat reduction treatment to high definition liposculpture and have preliminary fat stem cell research. Also, he is a injectable instructor for young doctors to achieve stable result


Ideal female body shape is always a pursuit of beauty. How to achieve nice body curvature, either by traditional or by UAL( assisted liposuction) depends on the design and technique to achieve this goal. VASER, stands for Vibration Amplification Sound Emission Resonance, which can emulsify fat tissue into small particles. By this procedure we can design different depth of aspirated fat without difficulty, then the waistline or Venus line can be created. Also, the collagen tissue preservation can also make skin tightening and faster recovery compared to traditional liposuction. Comparing traditional liposuction, superficial fat layer can be emusifiy by VASER Liposuction, which can achieve the goal of liposculpture. Sculpture of body mainly based on the knowledge of human anatomy, by this we can create beautiful curvature and correct linear of the lower abdomen, not to be artificial. Here I share my experience of VASER Liposculpture for female shaped curvature

OMICS International Cosmetology 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Rimon Boshra Rizk photo

Dr. Rimon Boshra Rizk is Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Lecturer of Surgery in Beni-Suef Faculty of Medicine, EGYPT.


BACKGROUND: Brachioplasty is a great way to achieve improved contour in the arm with a growing number of patients undergoing this procedure. (Shermak, 2011) Aim: The authors analyzed data from a retrospective and prospective study to compare the results of different techniques of brachioplasty in treatment of stage III and IV of brachial dermolipodystrophy according to El Khatib(2007)

METHODS: Twenty patients underwent brachioplasty with different techniques and assessment was done for selection of technique, hospital stay, complications, nerve injury, circumferential measurements improvement, skin quality, scar and finally patient’s satisfaction.

RESULTS: Twenty female patients (fourteen stage III & six stage IV) with mean age of 34.5 years underwent brachioplasty. Techniques used and the mean percentages of circumference reduction in proximal, middle and distal arm thirds are as follows: for stage III a)Minibrachioplasty plus liposuction (2 pts) ( 15.1 - 17.9 - 10.2%), b)Bicipital-groove brachioplasty plus liposuction (2 pts) (18.6 – 21 – 13.8%), c)L-brachioplasty (2 pts) ( 22.9 – 19.7 – 14.2%), d)L-brachioplasty plus liposuction (2 pts) (21.9 – 19.3 – 12.9%), e)Fish-incision brachioplasty plus liposuction (1 pt) (21.1 – 19.8 – 8.1%), f)Liposuction only (5 pts) (15.2 – 13.2 – 16.4%) while for stage IV are g)Bicipital-groove brachioplasty (3 pts) (21.3 – 21.2 – 15.1%) and h)Double-ellipse brachioplasty (3 pts) (32.2 – 36 – 25.8%). All patients spent 1 night at hospital. Complications occurred are oedema (20), cellulitis(1), delayed healing (3), superficial wound infection (2), allergic skin maceration (5) and mild contour irregularity (5). No nerve injury occured. For stage III patients, scar is rated as Excellent in 3 patients (21.4%), Good in 7 patients (50%), fair in 3 patients (21.4%) and poor in 1 patient (7.2%). For stage IV patients, scar is rated as Excellent in 1 patient (16.7%), Good in 3 patients (50%), fair in 1 patient (16.7%) and Poor in 1 patient (16.7%).Mean satisfaction for contour, symptoms, scar and overall satisfaction for stage III patients is (3.8 – 4 - 3.65 - 3.8) and for stage IV patients is (4.5 – 4.5 – 3.7 – 4.25)

CONCLUSION: In a brachioplasty for a fatty arm, liposuction may be performed in a separate stage months before excisional procedure or may be done simultaneously at the same session. Performing the procedure on an arm with less fat gives better results in contour improvement, symptomatic relief, but with longer scars which may annoy the patient. The overall procedures were tolerated well by the patients with acceptable complications.


Keynote Forum

Savana Chongtham

Savannah’s She Matters Women’s Clinic, India

Keynote: Asian shift - spiritual sexuality to cosmetic gynaecology today

Time : 11:20 - 12:05

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Savana Chongtham is the founder President of Savannah’s She Matters Women’s Clinic which provides complete wellness for women including gynaecological wellness, counseling, genital cosmetic and rejuvenation. She had worked in various Government health sectors including State and Central Ministry level. She believes overall wellness comes from treating the patient as a human being including all aspects physical, mental, spiritual and sexual.



Sexuality in Asia has always been regarded in spiritual context since ancient times. It has always been synonymous with a sacred expression of nature’s life force and mystery of creation. It was believed that sex is a powerful tool of transcendental development and sexual experience was regarded as mystical. Spiritual sexuality sacred sex aims at the concept of joining energy sources, joining of all the essences of health to attain longevity of life and spiritual advancement. Ancient Asian people interpreted sex in many ways, main reason were for reproduction and fulfilling physical need of married couple, for complete union of body and soul for intimate partners and as a barter to gain monetary or other benefits. There were many aids and ideas to increase the pleasure of sex. Most intrinsic mechanism used was through mind and spiritual path and yogic methods. Kundalini awakening and tantric sexual practices were welcomed. Many ancient texts like Kama sutra from India Ishinpo from Japan gives good guide for sexual practices. Recent trend of cosmetic gynaecology if practiced in a balanced manner will enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Cosmetic gynaecology aesthetic gynecology aims at giving outward satisfactory look and also enhances functional capability. As per the changing time, girls and women of today live different ways of life as compared to ancient times. Shape and size of labia which were not considered as of much importance becomes a very important aspect for women athletes and for those wearing swim suits. Vulvovaginal atrophy was one of the commonest problems women used to suffer silently without taking professional help due to lack of awareness and embarrassment. Cosmetic gynaecology has many aspects including labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, perineum and pelvic floor repair, vaginal rejuvenation, hymen repair and these are helping women live a satisfactory lifestyle and hereby increasing quality of life. In recent times quality of sex has fallen and sex has lost its sacredness, its scientific understanding and its simplicity and naturalness. People started aiming for just for the outward look and temporary physical satisfaction and relaxation and using sex for barter and revenge and coercion and forgetting the very essence of spirit and sacred component of sexuality. Unless we can bring a deep understanding and a harmony to the act of sex, unless we make it spiritual, a better humanity cannot come into being. We as practicing gynaecologist, as a sexual health provider need to give a message to society to balance the act of cosmetic and spiritual component wisely. Otherwise the very meaning of sexuality and purpose of sexual act will be lost.


Keynote Forum

Aditya Tandle

Insta Hair Transplant, India

Keynote: Critical analysis of trichology in healthcare industry as an upcoming market

Time : 12:05 - 12:50

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Aditya Tandle is a Doctorate in Tricology (is the 2nd person to hold this degree worldwide and the 1st one in India). He is the Founder and Chairman of his companies, Insta Hair and Hair Labs Pvt. Ltd. and Vinci Trichology in India. He has graduated in Engineering and Law along with a dual MBA in Finance and Human Resource. His foundation in engineering helps him to understand the nuances of medical technology especially related to tricology, while his grounding in Finance and Human Resource helps him get his footing in business and networking precise. With a widespread reach and client base, he has dreams of a flourishing Tricology industry. He believes that hair transplant often acts as a vital psychological boost that restores confidence in people again.


Statement of problem: Is Trichology an emerging facet of the Healthcare industry today, transforming the industry as a whole? To answer this a few analytical facts must be considered. As an industry, health care follows some parameters which form its core system. These parameters when scrutinized by the health care analytics tools, helps in generating accurate business and clinical insight. This is what consequently paves the way towards achieving a desired outcome, in this case tricology as an emerging market for the industry. Currently on whether Tricology makes the cut for a promising market for health care industry, will be answered with clarity on close analysis of three vital parameters: quality, performance and safety facets.

Methodology and Theoretical orientation / Market Analysis methodology: Employing an Analytics system framework, a fairly good inference may be drawn about, if Tricology is ready to be the next big thing in the Health Care industry. The traditional SWOT analysis will further filter the information and add to the process of evaluating if the Health care industry can afford to let Tricology become its part.

Findings: Quality analytics, data mining or accumulation and processing of the same and human resource are the essential elements that make any segment a force to reckon with. The same applies to Tricology too. For Quality analytics, the goals of the triclology industry along with the strategies that are engaged in to achieve the same, must be measurable.

Conclusion and Significance: For Tricology to become a significant business arm of the healthcare industry it must be recognized that today sustainability is the biggest challenge. To meet the expected quality, work out the finance part and comply with the regulatory requirements, both the healthcare industry and the Tricology segment must work hand in hand. Data must be optimized and used effectively, analytical tools need to be adopted for effective real time decision making and innovation and trial and error must have its own space, if athis evolution of Tricology into an integral part Health care industry has to happen.